Some of you may know me as a journalist: from interviewing celebrities on red carpets, anchoring, hosting, writing articles and breaking news, I’ve done it all. My life changed two years ago when I lost my best friend, Diem Brown, to cancer. I promised Diem I would live for both of us, which meant living with the same spirit Diem had. I no longer wanted to be defined solely by my career. I decided I would of course work to continue to be the best journalist I possibly could, but I also want to: travel more, focus on fitness, enjoy fashion and beauty more, plus make sure I used my platform and time to help charities and people I believe in. This blog is dedicated to those passions and to Diem, for teaching me life is too short not to fully enjoy it. I love mixing high-low clothing and shoes. My closets are not just filled with shoes and clothes, but also with beauty products. I enjoy working out, but I also live to eat :-) For the past year, I’ve been trying my hand at home decor. I love animals and my life wouldn’t be complete without my sweet Boston Terrier, Beckham. As women, we wear so many hats, don’t always take time for ourselves, sometimes feel alone. I hope this look into my world makes you: happy, better informed, more stylish, feel good and reminds you life is for living! So ladies, let's carpe that diem!


Maria Chavez